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Visalus Reviews-Is This Super Shake Company For Real?

by Freddie on July 13, 2011

Looking For Unbiased Visalus Reviews?

If you are looking some completely unbiased Visalus Reviews then you are going to spend a long time looking around on the internet.The truth is that you will never truly find an unbiased review because generally speaking, most people that are online are trying to sell you something.  Whether it is a marketing system, or a product or service, people have ulterior motives in mind.

Why am I  Reviewing Visalus?

visalus 300x113 Visalus Reviews Is This Super Shake Company For Real?

The other day I “friended” a person on Facebook that was looking for some marketing knowledge on the topic of marketing her MLM opportunity on Facebook.  Since I have access to some really great training I “friended” her.  Next thing I know I was getting bombarded by her overwhelming Facebook posts about some shake she was using to lose weight.  Over and over about 5-10 times a day my wall was plastered with these Body By Vi shake updates.

I was VERY ANNOYED!!!  I’m sure all of her friends that were not in business with here were annoyed too.  This is not the way to market and unfortunately most people use these methods of silently attacking their loved ones with non stop nonsense about how great their product is and how much money they are going to make.

The correct way to market is through attraction Marketing.  Or leading with value and having others come to you.  But that is a topic for a different post.

Back to my Visalus Reviews

Visalus is a health and wellness company.  They market a product called Body By Vi.  This is a weight loss shake and by all of the Visalus Reviews I have read online they seem to taste really good.  (keep in mind this is probably coming from Visalus reps!)

Generally I try and stay away from health and wellness companies because there are just so many of them but I really like how this company has done a 90 day challenge and really created a community of people using their product.

To get started in Visalus you need to pay $499, but you get $500 worth of product.


Unfortunately  most people will most likely fail in this business.  Not because of the product, not because of the compensation plan, and not because they are not trying.  Most people will fail due to the lack of marketing knowledge.  If you would like to learn how to market your visalus business on the internet, stop searching online for Visalus Reviews and just click on the link below!

Good luck Visalus reps.  You can make it happen!!!


pixel Visalus Reviews Is This Super Shake Company For Real?

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