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Why I hate Jonathan Budd

by Freddie on March 5, 2011


jbudd Why I hate Jonathan BuddMy love/hate affair with Jonathan Budd goes back many years.  Jonathan has stolen hundreds of dollars right from my wallet!  The funny thing is that I willingly handed over every dime with a smile on my face!

Ok, so he didn’t literally steal it from me but his damn persuasive marketing tactics really got me every time.

Where it all started


Jonathan Budd first came to my attention when I got caught up in a marketing frenzy called “The Reverse Funnel System”.  I can write a whole other 5 page rant on the RFS but I don’t want to get upset.  The Reverse Funnel System was set up to brand this “beach bum” named Ty Coughlin.  He was sitting by the ocean with his shirt of and a computer and the headline read something to fact that if this unemployed loser can make thousands of dollars online and so can you.

ty coghlin 300x203 Why I hate Jonathan Budd

It was a really ingenious system that was set up to market a direct sales company called Global Resorts Network.  Anyway, you had to pay $50 to apply just to get considered to work with the “Inner Circle”.  After you were inevitably accepted then you had to pay the $3000 membership to join Global and $299 a month to get your own Reverse Funnel System.  After dropping $3350 without even knowing what I was selling (The system was that good) I went to work marketing the system.

I failed miserably at this system but as I did more research on the RFS I noticed a guy by the name of Jonathan Budd was all over the freaking Internet.  You couldn’t do a search or look up a Youtube keyword with seeing his goofy mug.

So I started purchasing products from him.  I bought his Myspace course (this was a few years ago before FaceBook was huge), I bought his Online MLM Secrets course, and I bought his PPC course.  The kid has made a few bucks off me.

So Do I Really Hate Jonathan Budd?

Honestly, I don’t hate Jonathan Budd, I am extremely jealous of the 26 year old that has made over $10,000,000 but I don’t hate him.  He has done some groundbreaking things in MLM and in Internet marketing in general.  I think he was around 22 when he came out with his first product!

When it comes down to it I have to say that Jonathan Budd is the man.  In my opinion, he is responsible for the whole SEO in MLM phenomenon.  I never saw anyone do it before he did it with the Reverse Funnel System.

Should You Buy Anything From Jonathan Budd?

I would recommend any product that this has came out with or will inevitably come out with in the near future.  Jonathan Budd knows his stuff and is a great networker.  I have definitely made my money back and more learning from this great teacher.




pixel Why I hate Jonathan Budd

tt twitter big2 Why I hate Jonathan Budd

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