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Zurvita Review-Can Zeal Make You Wealthy?

by Freddie on March 2, 2011

zurvita 300x85 Zurvita Review Can Zeal Make You Wealthy?Since I am in the network marketing field I always keep my eye out for new MLM companies or companies that have unique selling points.  Lately I have been hearing a lot about a company by the name of Zurvita.

What is unique about Zurvita (beside the name) is that they dabble in 3 different niches.  They promote a health and wellness drink called Zeal, affordable health care, and also business solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

When I tried to do research in the small business solutions the link was broken so I could not dive further into that aspect.

Is Zurvita spreading it’s Reps too thin?

Have you ever heard the expression that less is more?  I feel like that about this company.  Sometimes if you overwhelm the representatives with too many products and information then they never get started because they feel like they have to be the expert in everything aspect of the business.  I used to feel like that about my compensation plan for my company (Numis).  I felt that I couldn’t talk to people about my company because I was not an expert in the compensation plan yet.  This is really stupid because if you never talk to people about your business then you don’t have to know anything about the compensation plan because you will never make any money!  Self fulfilling prophecy!

I digress…back to Zurvita!

The Zurvita Product Line

Zurvita’s main product is nutritional health drink called Zeal.  This is a highly competitive and saturated market but I won’t get into the business climate of health and wellness companies right now.  They claim that Zeal has the equivalent of 56 different pills to get the nutritional value of what you get in one 6 oz serving of Zeal.zeal Zurvita Review Can Zeal Make You Wealthy?

Zurvita claims to eliminate all of the guess work from staying healthy because all you need to do is take this nutritional drink and everything else is unnecessary.   I can’t say if this is true or not but we have definitely heard claims like this from countless other products on the market.

Zeal is a concentrated powder (wild berry flavor) that you need to mix with water or juice.  It has no artificial sweeteners so you don’t get the after taste that many products on the market give you.

One thing that I can say is awesome with this company is that they give you a 30 day money back guarantee that if you do not feel better after 30 days they will give you a 100% refund.  Very few companies will give you a 100% money back guarantee on their products or services.  The science behind Zeal is very complicated, but here is a link to their behind the science of Zeal page from their corporate website.


Is it possible to make money with Zurvita?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I believe that you can make money in any MLM company that you join.  The product, pay-plan, and
owners do not matter.  What really matters is YOU!  If you are motivated to work hard everyday and show your company to 5-10 people a day then you WILL be successful.

The hardest part of any MLM company comes when new reps run out of warm market leads to show their business to.  This is not a problem if you learn how to market your business on the Internet along with your offline techniques.  The marriage of offline and online prospecting techniques can blow up your Zurvita business.  So make sure to learn from a pro how to use simple internet techniques to build your Zurvita business and you will never run out of people to talk to!

Would you like to learn little known secrets to generating countless leads for your Zurvita business?  Click the “FREE PRESENTATION” banner below to see how your competitors are building their Zurvita business online!

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